GS/3 Propane Detector


Completely self contained and easy to install in your boat or RV.


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GS/3 Operation & Testing

Installation Tips for Your GS/3

cut away view of a Vanguard recreational trailer showing detail of GS3 propane detector installed on kick-plate under galley cabinets

Choose the Location for Your GS/3

A good spot to install your detector is in the kick plate under your propane stove. This keeps it close to the floor and under an appliance, where a propane leak is likely to accumulate. Try to place it between appliances, where it's less likely to be kicked and damaged when you're cooking.

Connect your detector to your 12 volt battery via a fuse or breaker of no more than 0.5 Amp. Solder or crimp the connections and insulate. Each month you should vacuum the grill to ensure a free air flow and test the sensor by injecting gas from a butane lighter.