GS/3 Propane Detector


Completely self contained and easy to install in your boat or RV.


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Installation Tips

GS/3 Operation & Testing

Wiring Your GS/3

installation diagram for surface-mount and flush-mount GS3 propane detector

Run power lines (#18 AWG minimum with 1/32" insulation) from the 12 volt battery to the installation location. Red (+) via a fuse or breaker of no more than 0.5 Amps and black (-).

Connect power to the leads from the detector, (red to positive, black to negative)*. Wires may be soldered or splice crimped. Connections must be insulated. Snap the top onto the back. You're done!

*If you accidentally reverse the polarity, the detector will not be damaged, but will not function until you reconnect the wires correctly.