Keeping you moving!

highway traffic jam
Over 150 million vehicles are on the roads in the USA and Canada.

Moving them safely and efficiently is a primary concern for our highways departments.

Our traffic controls are in use across North America, helping to reduce operating
and maintenance costs and improving intersection safety for travellers.

Traffic control electronics

Engineered for quick, easy installation and extremely long service life are just a few reasons highways departments and contractors across North America rely on Electro Systems traffic control electronics. We've been building these products right here in North America since 1978 and many of our original units are still going strong.

All products are solid state electronics and come with our hassle-free two year guarantee.

200-204 NEMA flashers

Flashers & Relays

NEMA flashers & load switches in plug-in housings for quick installation. Solid State, 4 pin plug-in style replaces motor driven flashers in minutes and reduces maintenance!

solid state 1 or 2 pole flashers

1 & 2 Pole Flashers

1 and 2 pole flashers for 60, 120 or 160 FPM; 1 or 2 pole 60/120 FPM with slide switch; AC and DC relays. All can be used in our model TFF12 quick installation traffic flasher.

TFF12 traffic flasher chassis with quick connect terminal strips and fused outputs

Traffic Flasher Chassis

Replace motor driven flashers in minutes! This unit incorporates any of our solid state flashers, a quick connect terminal strip and fused outputs, supplied with ABC-10.