Propane Sensor

This tiny sensor is about the size of a pencil eraser (0.32" D) and is used in our GS/3 propane detectors.

It uses the difference between the electrical properties of oxygen and propane to trigger an alarm.


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This is the only detector you can get that's this compact, easy to install and conforms to FCC standards.



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GS3: Self-Contained Propane Detector

GS3Flush-mount. Also available as surface-mount

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This self-contained detector is designed specifically for propane (liquified propane gas or LPG). It sniffs out leaks and warns you of explosive fumes.

Installation is easy. The top contains all the electronics and snaps onto the back - available in surface-mount (1 3/16" or 30mm profile) or flush-mount (0.45" or 11mm profile) styles.

The green LED indicates the sensor is on and operating. If a leak is detected, the red LED and horn pulse, warning you to shut off the propane supply, ventilate the area and correct the problem.

You simply can't beat this 12 VDC detector for its ease of installation, high reliability and affordable price - and it's backed by a hassle-free 2 year parts & labour guarantee.